VRC will lead the field in applied sport, exercise and performance psychology by continuing education in the theory, practice and the promotion of the field to our clients.

VRC will accomplish this by:

  • Providing an engaging centerpiece of professional networking and opportunity for the sharing of ideas with practitioners in the field.
  • Reassuring science practitioner based research and evidenced based interventions and practice.
  • Offering relevant up to date effective theory and practice of applied sport and exercise performance psychology.
  • Mentorship programs in the field of applied sport and exercise performance psychology at various stages of practitioners professional careers.


The vision of VRC is to be recognized as an elite service and source for providing the effective practice of Applied Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.


Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology involves extending theory and research into the field to educate coaches, athletes,parents, exercisers, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity. A primary goal of professionals in applied sport and exercise psychology is to facilitate optimal involvement, performance, and enjoyment in sport and exercise. It is the application psychological and mental principles to facilitate athletic performance. Practice in the field of applied sport and exercise psychology usually involves a combination of individual and group consulting or counseling depending on the style of the professional conducting the intervention and the needs of the client. Certified Mental Performance Consultants are professionals trained in sport and exercise but are not licensed psychologists or counselors.The practice is also known as Sport and Exercise Psychology or Mental Skills Coaches. The practice provides individual or group consultations geared towards performance–related issues (AASP, 2013).
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