Team Building Team Cohesion

At VRC I believe that each athlete brings a unique attribute and talent to the team environment. Each teammate must ask one another, “What do you bring to the team concept” I feel that for a group to bond into a collective unit, team building is the most effective intervention. Group cohesion for sports performance can assist coaches and players to become united in their vision, process and goals for each season and beyond.Effective team personnel who accept and acknowledge their individual roles within the team structure can create a successful team atmosphere and a winning combination within the structure. The relationship with coaching staff and fellow team members are the key to successful teams. I often hear the term “Team Chemistry” and while some teams do well by passing that moniker, at VRC it is felt that it works, as teams are a work in progress. I believe that trust, respect, planning the journey and process, accountability of each participant and commitment are great keys to team cohesion and bonding.

Athletic Scenario of Team Building and Team Cohesion:

At the beginning of the each Lacrosse season or Tennis season, team building begins at the first meeting of coaches and team members. I take a grass roots ground up restoration so to speak of the process of team and unity. The team mates go over there goals for the season including individual goals. I also ask each one of them what they do well in their sport of choice and what they do well in life and find out how they will combine the two. We also create team activities and consistently talk about the word trust.