Many athletes are motivated by the mere fact that they have made it to their destination they have accomplished their goals whether that of an elite athlete, collegiate or a high school athlete. I work on the motivation by finding out what is inside of the individual and listening to what they want to accomplish. I observe performance and find out the athletes performance history and identify key characteristics of why they are in sport.

Athletic Scenario of Motivation:

A body builder was having concerns about training and really feeling burnt out from diet, training stage and the gym scene. She has been in competitive contest for three years and was no longer motivated by her sport. I had her reaffirm her goals but also asked her if she needed to step away from the sport for a while. Still having her training but in different areas and different sports from biking to swimming and triathlon. She gave it about six months and is now getting back into her primary sport of body building. This gave her back the drive and motivation to compete and discover new goals.