Attentional Focus/Concentration

At VRC, I practice the premise of focus and completion. I work with coaches on attentional focus and concentration for their players and themselves. As a practitioner for sports psychology this is of utmost importance to me to help develop coaches and their athletes in this area. I help both parties remove the psychological barriers that interfere with their ability to use the talent. This is where learning about focus and concentration comes in to play.

Athletic Scenario of Attentional Focus:

I introduced this concept to many teams that I have worked with during my continued tenure as a Certified Mental Performance ConsultantĀ®. When practices are dull or team participation is lacking, I have enlisted several tools for focus. One of them is team building drills or team talks to remove players from the field for a while and let them know how important focus is in their sport especially during practice so it is less likely to carry over into games.