Psychological Aspects Injury

Over coming injury can challenge athlete’s mental state.  For some athletes prospects of not participating may cause self-doubt, stress, uncertainties about their livelihood. Many clients with this situation may feel deflated with delays with their athletic career not continuing. Goals are for each athlete to invigorate, themselves to play again.

Athletic Scenario of Psychological Aspects (Injury):

At VRC Sports,  I work with each client to find out their athletic background, including their reasoning behind trying out for sports. I will do this by coming up with intervention/coping/communication plans that engages each client. Tough metal aspects occur when players are unable to become active again in their sport of choice due to inability to compete. There are many examples of athletes who have suffered a setbacks but are able to return to their sport. I would also look at film(s) of past success. Some athletes learn by studying and getting a different perspective of their craft. I would encourage clients to get involved in sideline aspect of each game to embrace challenges of overcoming a setback.

VRC assists each client overcoming injury by:

SCRAPE Approach (Hinderliter, Cardinal 2007) Six Concepts:

(Social Support, Confidence, Competence, Refer, Accommodate, Psychological Skills, Educate).