Mental Game Preparation

Many athletes have different means practice and game preparation. Some will use music, relaxation techniques, and solitude before a contest. VRC will help you improve your preparation for events by many techniques in applied sports psychology including visualization and relaxation. VRC offers a comprehensive plan for you as a competitor to execute before during and after your event. I will help you to improve your mental game preparation by coming up with an intervention plan that fits your style.  Just as you as an athlete demonstrates persistence, competitiveness, resilience, attentional focus and optimism.

Athletic Scenario of Mental Game Preparation:

One of my clients was having concerns of performance on stage before a body building event. We installed the game plan of early morning light music and then PMR breathing techniques. Right before competition the client came up with a Que phrase to relax her. Her goal in her first completion was to place 5th overall and she was ecstatic to reach her goal.