Visualization & Mental Imagery

The use of  visualization techniques may help athletes in achieving the best performance on the playing field and beyond. I , along with the athlete add a visualization and performance plan during this process. As an athlete gains confidence in this technique, the ability to problem solve will aid them to gain confidence to manage mental rehearsal. I feel the visualization and mental imagery is a great tool used before completion and at many instances during competition. The flow should become smooth, relaxed and without hesitation.

Athletic Scenario of Visualization & Mental Imagery:

I had a track athlete who participated in the high jump event at high school level. He was having trouble achieving success in the sport by increasing his height and desired a personal best to improve his ranking. By using visualization (30 seconds) of successful clearance before his approach (run up) to the bar he improved his height and move up in the standings to contend for the state title. The mental imagery technique used began from the approach to the bar, the lift of the jump through to the end so he can see the entire picture of success before each occurrence. The technique helped him with his approach to the mental side of the high jump.