The  concept of self-talk is desirable amongst athletes in many disciplines including sports psychology and performance artists. This medium is frequently used in the athletic world by rehearsing an outcome with a silent running dialogue or a dialogue to oneself aloud. With many client athletes the negative messages or (noise) to themselves can be a detriment and contribute to pre-event stress and anxiety. The use of positive self-talk is at the forefront of the mental performance program at VRC where I help create an atmosphere where self-talk is practiced in a positive manner.

Athletic Scenario of Self-Talk:

I introduced the concept to one of my Lacrosse clients for she was using negative self-talk during matches and in practice. I would say something positive to her on a daily basis letting her know to stay positive in her mind and commit to phrases like “hey you can do it” or “stay strong”. She improved in many aspects of her game and it has also helped in the classroom.