Enhance Performance

As an applied sports psychology certified consultant, I address performance concerns that affect athletes in all areas of sport and exercise. I am trained in sport psychology to enhance performance in the reduction of performance anxiety, concentration improvement, setting short term and long term goals and how to keep those goals valid and relevant. I explain the consulting process to each client so that they have a thorough understanding of what will take place. Performance Enhancement in the world of sports psychology refers to assisting athletes to improve in competition using methods known as psycho social skills. I like to use a philosophical perspective. Some athletes lose motivation or forget the reason they decided to compete. I can show clients how to maintain and increase motivation on the days that they are down and have lost the desire to participate in competition or engaging in training. I also have a program to the psychological aspects of injury recovery. One item that I will not do is over analyze situations. I do my best to keep it simple. I will explain the consultant role within a specific setting and explain what is expected of the client/athlete/performer so that they can perform to their specifications.

Athletic Scenario of Performance Enhancement:

The benefits from using  a Certified Consultant are numerous in nature. I can assist the high school and collegiate athlete and the elite level professional athlete. I also assist those who encounter bullying, anger issues or violence in sport and life. While I do not diagnose at this time, I also have a referral network for clinical/psychology concerns. I have many examples of those who I have helped through their field performance issues.